Amit Kumar Mohre, President, Aditya Urban Casa refuses to allow havan in the society

Amit Kumar Mohre, President of Aditya Urban Casa, a society in Sector 78 of NOIDA was responsible for violation of religious freedom and civic liberties. Few residents of the society made a request to organize a function of Yagya in the open area of society premises.

The President, insisted that the function will not be allowed in the society. On being asked, if it was the decision of the committee, he insisted that it was his personal decision and the resident’s committee was not consulted.

Approximately 30-40 participants were expected in the activity, which was organized for the betterment of the society, community and the region and to impart knowledge from Vedas.

He cited that havan causes pollution, which is harmful. It is contrary to both provisions of law, and science. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath also had recently asked the citizens to do havan to reduce pollution.

India is a secular country and the right to follow religion cannot be denied to the citizens. Havan is a part of Vedic worship and also ancient Indian culture.

The role of NOIDA police was applauded in resolving the issue. A senior police officer spoke the building President and discussed about the provisions of the law pertaining to the subject. Even then the President insisted that in case a police official is sent personally to visit him, then only he will give permission.

The function is scheduled for September 19, 2018.

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