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What or who is your child’s favorite character in a show or movie? I asked such question because I had a hard time answering it when it was asked on me. The thing is, my daughter Triz watches so many TV shows and most of the times, she likes the characters in each show that she watches. When I asked her who her favorite is, she couldn’t give me one but many names. So you can imagine how much of a hard time she has had when I let her choose her favorite among the cute girls costumes that I found in a link given by!

Can you guess which one did she choose? Well, as this post’s title says, it’s Disney’s Child Bell Costume. Here is she looking comfortably, proudly, and prettily!

Triz in a Belle Costume!

And you thought that she can only wear it on Halloween? Not at all! She said it could be her dress on a birthday party with a princess or Disney theme. And she’s absolutely right, is she not? That’s why she chose Belle princess dress because she thought it looks casual and can be worn anytime. Smart decision for a 5-year-old girl! What’s great about this Belle attire is its fabric. It could give the wearer the comfort and the looks fitting for an aspiring princess! My daughter wanted to put it on right away and she thought it looks good enough that she didn’t mind putting her pair of shoes anymore.

Costumes for anytime and any occasion are available at the link mentioned, just so you know! Lots of choices for boys and girls, for adults, and even for plus size persons. And, there are so many accessories and makeups, masks, wigs, and so many more to choose from. Their Spring sale is 15% off all costumes of $25 or more so you might want to take advantage of it.

As for my daughter the child Belle, she’s looking forward to wear it on her upcoming birthday as she desires to have a Disney theme when she turns 6. What can I say? I thank for this free gift. I thought it looks beautiful on my precious daughter!


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