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Washing machines are the most useful innovation of the modern era. For ordinary people, Washing of clothes is a real drudgery which can not be avoided at all. With washing machines in your homes, you need not wash those dirty clothes with hands. These technological wonders not only save a lot of time and energy but also save your hands from those harsh detergents. Once there was a time when ordinary people could not even think of having washing machines, when they were introduced initially. Washing machine prices were high enough to prevent the common people to buy these. However, now the situation is very much changed. As is the case with other pieces of technology, these machines are also produced in abundance for mass usage. High competition and the increasing technology have made the things easier for common people. Washing prices in India is getting cheaper. This is the result of demand and supply mechanism of the market. Once people got attracted to utility of these machines, there came more demand from all sectors of society. Thereby, more companies dealing home appliances started manufacturing washing machines in large numbers. Several reputed brands like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Godrej, IFB and more offer several models of washing machines. You can choose one according to your requirements, choice and budget. Washing machines basically are of two types; Semi automatic and automatic washing machine. A semi automatic machine is a very basic type of the machine, but it completes more of the hard work required for washing clothes. There are two tubs; one is for washing and rinsing of the clothes and other for drying. When washing and rinsing is complete, you need to transfer clothes from this tub to another manually. When it comes to fully automatic washing machines, you need not do any task except pressing of few buttons. This washing machine is attached to water supply. These washing machines come with pre-loaded wash programs. All you need to do it to put dirty clothes in the washing machine and press few buttons on the machine panel to start the wash cycle. It will automatically start water flow and the washing powder. Within a wash cycle, it does all the washing, rinsing and drying itself. Once the cycle is complete, it runs a buzzer to tell you about the completion of the job. Washing machine price depends upon its type, model and brand. You can search online to know about large variety of the washing machines availabl


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