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Twelve midnight has already struck in our part of the world and all four of us are still up! The husband is tackling his students’ test papers, the two kiddos are playing, watching their favorite The Wiggles videos, while i just finished folding my laundry. Yes, that’s how our Christmas Eve 2013 is! Pretty memorable, eh? LOL. Christmas is like this when it is not spent in Philippines. Nevertheless, we still have merry hearts because God is good and He is love!

We got Triz her second guitar a few days back (last Friday) after seeing it on sale at Aldi. It was down to $29 from $69. It’s not the best quality because it’s brandless, but its size is perfect– 36″, and the husband thought it is not bad for beginners. He just changed the strings to nylon and tuned it in and it clicked! Triz has been enjoying it since then.

Caught her playing it earlier and here she is, to the tune of “Joy to the World” Christmas carol, in guitar notes.

From The Duarte home to yours, have a very merry Christmas! Remember, we glory Not in the presents but in His PRESENCE.

Yep, because today is the perfect day to reminisce many good things that transpired in the last 3 years for our family. You see, three years ago around this day, one of the big things we cherish now is the husband’s graduation march in the Ph.D. program.

Triz was just 4 years old then. Basically, there were just three of us in the family. Today, one precious soul fills our lives with more laughter and joy because of Tiara’s presence. From three to four, our family has definitely progressed!

Each of us in the family has so many things to be thankful for. Personal successes and accomplishments are present and we are definitely blessed beyond measure! May we will still be in the coming New Year and beyond.


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