Cashbex – Cashback and loyalty service

What is Cashbex?

Cashbex is a worldwide and international decentralized ecosystem that allows you to collaborate without any boundaries between brands, services, users, customers and is based on Blockchain technology. It provides cashback and loyalty service. This is a destructive network for the cash and loyalty market, based on blockchain technology. The unbeatable element of the Cashbex model is well designed to meet the highest standards of business collaboration with reliable and reliable personal data and information or any child or use, rewards, cashback and loyalty programs. This makes it easier, and also represents a completely new method of cooperation for enterprises and utilities. It increases loyalty and trust, as well as increases convenience and security.

Features of the cashbex service?

Cashback and loyalty service are very important and very effective when it comes to customer retention. Customers start joining loyalty programs to save money and get rewarded. Successful programs are designed to motivate customers in the business market.

Here are some of the essential features of Cashbex:

1. Multicurrency acceptance – make deals in any currency, for example, in Fiat or Crypto, on the Cashbex platform.

2. Loyalty card – the card replaces each loyalty card, quickly and easily participating in various brand loyalty programs.

3. Reducing transaction costs – decentralized all on one platform, available to customers and brands, with lower transaction fees and running costs.

4. Point of Sale System – Intuitive brand management with strong customer behavior and integrated analytics.

5. C2C Transactions – C2C transactions are simple and easy, instant and secure with Cashbex. Send CSBX or any other currency choice on any platform.

6. Premium Toolkit for Brands – customers aimed at a revolution on the part of their customers, their buying behavior and much more.

There are several payment methods that are accepted:

1. bitcoin



4. Dash

The service has an experienced and experienced team of workers. Professional workers are doing everything possible to facilitate the work with the service, to meet the needs and desires of each client. The service is international, which means that it is available in every country and anywhere where there is an Internet connection. The service guarantees security or personal data and any personal information, and no one can steal it. In the service, as well as, the currency for customer loyalty. Recyclers can contribute. There is a notification with the beginning and end of pre-sale preparation. The service is also a revolutionary reward and loyalty system based on the blockchain.


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