is a unique and comfortable cashback and loyalty service is a unique and convenient cashback and loyalty service plan, with which you can return funds using a special scheme instead of the usual discount.

At the same time, the price of the goods does not change, and the goods are paid as usual on the store website or in cash to the courier (the main thing is that the order should be placed directly on the store website). After payment of the order, the online store lists the percentage of sales in the cashback service, and the cashback service shares the commission with the buyer and pays him money (cashback) in any convenient way.

The cashback service works on the same principle and returns part of the money spent from each online purchase made in online stores with cashback, which are in their catalog. Of course, before buying or placing an order, you need to activate a cashback, simply by going to the website of another store from the cashback service site (the principle is based on the CPA / Click Per Action advertising payment model).

The refund system consists of a few simple steps:

Choosing cashback services;

Authorization on the cashback service website (be sure to log in with your username and password), then you need to find a store where the purchase will be made, and go to the online store website via a special affiliate link;

Cashback activation occurs only after transferring from a cashback service, making purchases and paying for goods or services. After payment of the order you will see the size of your cashback and a fixed purchase on the balance of time in the cashback immediately after a few minutes or during the day);

Refunds and withdrawals are possible only after confirmation of receipt of the order by the buyer, after which the online store (seller) charges a fee for the cashback service, and the client returns the percentage (cashback) of the purchase price to the user’s balance. Then you can withdraw money in a convenient way from the cashback service;

Cashbex does not increase the price of goods, since cashback is already included in the price of goods, in fact, it is part of the income of the online store, which it is willing to share with the cashback service and cashback service with the buyer. With the help of cashback, customers actually spend less. The more expensive the purchase, the more palpable will be the amount of the refund.

The main advantages of cashback services are:

– 100% guarantee of return of a certain part (percentage) of the amount of expenses incurred;

– refund is in the form of real money, which can pay for new purchases or withdraw funds and use them for other needs;

– convenient ways to display savings (you can receive money both on the card, and in the form of Webmoney or other electronic money).

The Cashback service is an excellent opportunity to combine convenience of purchases and additional opportunities for decent cash savings.


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