Casio G-Shock World Time Alarm GA-100-1A2 GA-100 Men’s Watch| The ana-digi peacemaker

A great new G-Shock to be liked also by people are not that much in into the digital watch and might consider the Casio G-Shock World Time Alarm GA-100-1A2 GA-100 Men’s Watch. to bring a sweet variation to their respective styles. By just a little bit.

Casio is famous for making inexpensive watches but of recent, they turned towards making inexpensive fun watches that are also attractive to look at and do a lot more than just timekeeping. The Casio G-Shock World Time Alarm GA-100-1A2 GA-100 Men’s Watch hits a sweet spot that got both G-Shock enthusiasts and people who hate digital-only watches equally interested.

The Casio G-Shock World Time Alarm GA-100-1A2 GA-100 Men’s Watch is nicknamed the X-Large Combi due to its bit bigger case and its combination of both analog and digital features. Not that it is an entirely new mix – Casio has done them before – but all the things that come within the digital side of the watch showed up only in the much higher priced Casio timepieces. The 1/1000 of a second stopwatch (chronograph) function is one; next, it is the world time.

These two are enough to make the Casio G-Shock World Time Alarm GA-100-1A2 GA-100 Men’s watch a veritable gadget! Add a digital tachymeter into the mix along with a Mach Indicator to measure speeds exceeding 1225 units / hour (no other watches got these) and you end up with an exotic gadget! The tachymeter allows setting the unit and length of distance covered before starting the stopwatch and from there, it starts calculating till you stop to get the reading. The subsidiary analogue small-hand and the digital window (on the right) work together to measure speeds up to 1000mph or 1000kph. To measure above that, it uses the other little window.

The analogue and the digital time display can be the same, depending on your preferences. The hands have no lume; they are visible at night when the lume on the hour indicators glow and the backlight (a lower-mounted LED) is turned on. It doesn’t excel at night-reading, but it doesn’t do badly either.

The other functions are the standard Casio G-Shock fare, comprising calendar, alarms, timer, chiming features and a lot of durability. Casio keeps the price down by taking out solar charging, and atomic sync from it, but doesn’t compromise on the crystal. A really clear, almost-zero glare – it makes the dial very easy to read.

The Montre Casio G-Shock MudMaster World Time Alarm GA-100-1A2 GA-100 Men’s watch sports a high-style dial with stacked-brick texture that’s well-designed and boasts of an excellent overall symmetry. Many G-Shock dials feel off-centred compared to this.

The large size is surprisingly wrist-friendly; it wears smaller and sharper. The architecture looks good and large, contrast-colour pushers are easy to press and the strap in the same resin materials makes the watch-body better than usual. The soft, satin feeling is its added plus and the double-pins attachment makes for a secure buckling.

All that together paints the colourful world of Montre Casio Baby-G in an interesting way; with the introduction of this Japanese design! It is stimulating at worst, surprisingly affordable and high-end at best!

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