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My nephew is crazy about airplanes, he has been since he was two. We are always looking for activities that he can experience different types of planes.Last year I took him to the local air show where he saw planes from world war II, he saw a bomber plane that was used to bomb Berlin and a bunch of transport planes, and he even saw some modern planes. But I think his favorite was the fighter planes that looked like they had shark teeth painted on the front near the propeller. He had such a great time that I vowed to make the air show a yearly event at minimum.When it came time to redo his bedroom, We got the idea to make over the room in an airplane theme while he was at his grandma’s house for a week. We found these great airplane ceiling fans that I knew he would love. We finally settled on a fan that is called a warbird ceiling fan. It looked almost exactly like the front of the same fighter plane that my son had really liked at the air show.The next item I chose was an awesome bed that looked like the red baron fighter plane, which is actually a biplane. I topped the bed off with an airplane spread and sheet set and called it good.For the walls I decided to get creative. I started with a base of sky blue which I painted white clouds. Then we used this really cool stencil of a little airplane and strategically placed them around the room.For the capper I found some airplane mobiles to hang from the ceiling, oh and I also found a floor rug (we have hardwood floors) that is blue with clouds and about 6 planes flying around on it.When he got back home he was on a cloud and I had an ear to ear grin. He hugged me for a really long time and told me that I was the coolest aunt in the world. I only hope that when he reaches the teen years that he remembers this day.


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