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We believe the job of design on the blogosphere is to add the colour, feeling, and passion back into plain text. We design, build, promote, and maintain blogs.

Our clients seem to appreciate our work:

I echo my thanks and admiration of your work Peter. You’re amazing and I can’t wait to work more with you on b5 and my other blogging down the track.

Darren Rowse,

The Blog Studio Features: Dressing the Diva. Blog Design done right

Want an inside peek at the design process? Wondering how a designer interaction unfolds?

The fabulous Toby Bloomberg allowed us to open up the process of re-designing her site. Along the way, we discovered something we hadn’texpected.

Flashlight Design. Blog design, web design, and more.

When we’re not obsessing over blog design, we obsess over general web and idenity design under our second monniker, Flashlight Design.

If you like the work we do here, prehaps we could help with your other design projects. Send an email to Peter outlining your needs. He’ll get back to you lickety-split.

Meet The Blog Studio team. Blog Designers extraordinaire.

From the Blog at The Blog Studio; notes on blog design and blog consulting.

The Blog Studio’s Recent Work; blog designs and more

We were very honoured to have been asked to design the overall look and feel of the new b5media blog network.

We designed a flexible, modular platform that allows the b5 team to customize the look for each site in the network, while maintaining a network wide standard.

The Blog Studio Express; affordable blog design

TBS Express is our pre-designed blog template service. These limited edition blog designs allow you to have a high end custom looking site with a more modest investment. Each design is custom branded with your name and logo.

Each month we also offer a free theme for download. These are our in-house projects, designed to keep us on our toes. You never know what you’ll find.


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