Kase and Company Inc.’s Technical Trading Systems Give Energy Commodities Traders The Capacity To Form A Systematic Approach To Discretionary Trading

Kase and Company Inc. offers a host of technical trading systems that provide both budding and veteran energy commodities traders a user-friendly way of forming a systematic approach to discretionary trading. The technical trading indicators package, Kase StatWare is one of their famous products that encourage systematic trading by helping to set up precise rules that are clear and unambiguous. Kase StatWare removes a great amount of stress involved in executing trades, as it clearly shows the trader where to enter and exit trades and where to place stops to manage trade risk.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, 01 September 2018 – Kase and Company Inc. is famous for its advanced technical trading systems, like Kase StatWare and KaseX that allow energy traders to build their own custom and specific pre-defined trading system to manage trades. With trading decisions being pre-defined, emotions have no place in determining the fate of a trade.

The best part of these trading indicators is they are flexible enough to allow for rule-based trading systems. Therefore, traders can compare performance more effectively. The self-optimizing indicators of Kase StatWare allow professional and individual traders to automate their strategy, which helps with better execution and the ability to simultaneously trade a greater number of markets. Kase StatWare and KaseX bring the three qualities such as speed, accuracy, and precision into a trading strategy thus offloading some of that burden on traders.

Technical Trading Indicators from Kase Help with Consistent Long-Term Profit-Making

Kase has some of the best trading indicators on the market today. Moreover, there are many professional traders that have been using the Kase StatWare indicators for decades. Moreover, these trading indicators allow traders to build strategies that can be backtested. By back-testing, a trader can know how well the strategy would have done in the past. The results of backtesting are then used to do away with strategies that either is unsuitable for the trading style of the trader or are unlikely to meet their performance goals.

Momentum Indicators KaseCD and KasePO Allow Traders to Make Educated Trading Decisions

Both professional and retail traders study the KaseCD and KasePO momentum signals to decipher the precise time to take profits. In addition, traders can easily figure out trend direction and strength and entry signals by looking at color-coded Kase Easy Entry System (KEES) dots. The signals are generated by assessing momentum, bar patterns, and other factors that help in making informed trade decisions.

About Kase and Company, Inc.

Kase and Company, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Cynthia A. Kase, CMT, MFTA, an expert on crude oil, refined products, fuel oil, natural gas and related commodity trading and hedging, a technical forecaster, and energy price and price risk analyst. Their focus area of operation is providing energy risk management, trading, and price forecasting solutions. The company offers trading decision support and forecasting algorithms and bar types, including Kase StatWare, KaseX, Kase Outlook, KaseBars, and Kase Xrange Bars. Their specializations furthermore include custom trading and risk analysis and specialty algorithms. This consists of custom analysis, mainly in the energy sector relating to price issues, expert analysis and witness work, storage analysis, risk analysis, and trader risk limits.

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