Kenya’s Leading Import and Distribution Brand Topaz International Limited Ventures into Classy Cookware Products

Nairobi: Kenya’s leading distribution and import brand, Topaz International Limited has been a force to reckon with lately, considering its expansion into cookware products and Stainless Steel Dinnerware & Kitchenware among various other product categories such as personal care, home care and stationary.

Topaz International has been importing and distributing world class brands to supermarkets in the East African Region and is now considering adding to its very impressive portfolio.

The MD of Topaz International said that the company has grown remarkably within a very short time frame and has doubled its brand portfolio.

The MD claims-“ Our company strengths lie in the ability to identify the requirements of a fast growing socio-economic market in East Africa and forging close relationships with manufacturers and distributors across the world to cater for their present and future needs”.

Identifying requirements indeed! This is one of the success formula of Topaz International for sure. They have been serving East Africa by giving the people what they want and need.

Topaz International’s venture into Cookware products Kenya has further added to its broad range of consumer products,. The company is importing fine cookware products from leading international brands with the aim to make available fine cookware to the people of Kenya.

Available in its cookware range are fascinating products such as cookware sets, pots and pans, pressure cookers, non-stick pans and stock pots among many other handy cookware.

The MD claims, “If there is a demand for it, we shall cater to it”.

There has been a steady rise in the demand for cookware since more and more people in Kenya are upgrading their lifestyles and expect better kitchen and cookware products to prepare food with.

The MD of Topaz International has also stated that all of these cookware products shall be readily available in stores and supermarkets across Kenya and consumers shall not have a hard time finding them. Thanks to the stellar distribution chain of Topaz International Limited.

Besides the cookware, the import and distribution brand is making available in Kenya, elite Stainless Steel Dinnerware and Kitchenware as well.

Premium quality collections of such dinnerware and kitchenware are being introduced to the consumer market of Kenya from superior international brands. The MD has stated-“the durability and conductibility of these fine stainless steel kitchenware are unquestionable”.

The premium quality dinnerware is meant to add a touch of sophistication to the dinner table of every household in Kenya. Dinnerware products are available in stainless steel plates, glasses and spoons among various others.

For stainless steel kitchenware, high quality stainless steel pots and pans, pressure cookers, and stainless steel kitchenware sets are being made available.

With the trend of cooking shows on television taking over these days, every housewife is becoming passionate about preparing special recipes in sturdy kitchenware and thus Topaz International sees this as a new demand that needs to be catered to.

Such high quality stainless steel kitchenware and dinnerware shall serve as a boon to housewives and hands of mothers across Kenya.

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