Liven Up Your Home with These Unique Fire Tables from Comfort Solutions

The right fire table can give a home a rustic ambiance and a cozy aesthetic. Comfort Solutions provides this with their top-of-the-line fire table and fire pit products.

[SANDY, 4/30/2018] Homeowners looking to liven up their outdoor area with a unique feature can avail of Comfort Solutions’ impressive line of Fire Pit Tables.

As a NATE certified and TRANE comfort specialist, Comfort Solutions provides their clients with high-quality fireplace and fire pit products. Comfort Solutions carries industry-leading products like the Napoleon Grill Patioflame® line of fire tables.

Fire Pit Tables

Homeowners usually install fire pits are to give their backyards a cozy and unique feature that they can use on chilly nights. These fire pits can either be dug into the ground or kept in a cast-iron bowl for mobility.

The newest trend, however, is to set a fire pit inside a table. Fire tables have holes in the middle where the flame burns. The fire is fed either by gas tanks underneath the table, or by the addition of wood or charcoal.

Comfort Solutions’ Fire Tables

To give clients the best fire tables available, Comfort Solutions stocks its inventory with industry-leading products like Patioflame® by Napoleon Grills. The Patioflame® line by Napoleon, like the Muskoka Fire Table Series, uses high-quality frames made from aluminum, making them lightweight yet sturdy.

The stainless-steel burner pan of the Muskoka series has drainage holes on its side, minimizing the risk of rain damage. Optional windscreen kits protect the flame from strong winds. However, even without the added protection of a windscreen, the Muskoka series has a built-in thermocouple valve that shuts off the supply of gas when the flames are put out by strong winds.

About Comfort Solutions

Comfort Solutions is one of Utah’s leading providers of fire place products. Their company provides free estimates on any new fire place installations. Comfort Solutions is NATE certified, and a TRANE Comfort Specialist. To learn more about their products and services, visit their website at

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