Martin F Garcia is encouraging the youth to become a respective community member

Wauconda, United States – The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) supporting youth to become a better athletes and helping them in showcasing their talent through their sports platform. Sports Coaches like Martin F. Garcia use their own knowledge and skill of enhancing the performance of the youth and encouraging good sportsmanship among their team member.

Without the help of volunteers like Martin F. Garcia, the USSSA would not be able to connect with many kids and teenagers. Through their program, volunteers work along with the youth teaching them about the fundamental skills that are needed in sports. Martin F. Garcia had earned a reputation for showcasing his excellent sportsmanship and outstanding athletic ability in the field of baseball and softball.

Being a member of the USSSA, he says that his organization is helping the athlete to grow as an individual and they also guide them about various steps that are needed to take the sports level of an athlete to the next stage.

By procuring the help of their qualified coaches, the USSSA is maintaining their reputation of the most professionally represented sports organization in the world.

Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda is a 4-time 16-inch Softball National Champion who had played with multiple winning teams throughout his sports career. In 2002, Martin Garcia was the main player in the Licorice Softball team and led his team to win in the South Bend Indiana competition. In 2004, he had played with the Miller 45’s and won in Glendale Arizona. In 2008 and in 2009, Martin F Garcia played with team Flashback and won the championship games in Crystal Lake, IL, signifying his athletic talent year after year. He has also played on the position of a shortstop, second base and third base in softball. Now, he is using his years of experience to prepare today’s generation with the help of their own competitions.

The USSSA is sponsoring a large number of competitions across the country. By organizing these programs, the youth is getting connected with the sports professionals, universities and colleges. Apart from building a good character and promoting their athletic ability, the youth also gets an opportunity to take their sports involvement in the future.

Besides becoming a better athlete, players began to develop positive values through team involvement activities. They also began to make interactions with the association’s outstanding leaders. With the help of volunteer coaches like Martin F. Garcia, the USSSA has made a positive impact on the lives of the youth across the country.

As youth began to become more distant and disconnected from the society due to the excessive usage of technologies like smart phones and the internet. Therefore, USSSA volunteers like Martin F. Garcia providing youth with a healthy and an alternative approach to become better athletes and an outstanding member of their society.

In their USSSA teams, youth has learned about the importance of playing sports, they also help them in expanding their existing abilities as well. They are also helping the youth to interact respectfully with the member of their team. Therefore, in this way they are encouraging the players to adapt healthy traits that can help them in becoming successful in the area of education, physical fitness and in terms of doing interaction with authority as well.


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