Rapid Plas Offers Environment-Friendly

Rapid Plas, a family owned business in Australia, offers slimline corrugated tanks for residential use. By using their tanks, households can be eco-friendly even with limited space to store harvested rainwater.

[TAMWORTH, 6/1/2018]—Rapid Plas, a specialist in residential, agricultural and commercial poly products, offers a range of rainwater tanks suitable for homes looking to become more self-sufficient and eco-friendly. The company’s range of residential rainwater tanks promotes an environment-friendly lifestyle by cutting down the household dependence on mains water consumption.

Water Conservation by Harvesting Rainwater

In developing eco-friendly habits at home, water consumption is one of the factors commonly observed.

Rapid Plas has small, slimline water tanks ideal for residential use. With a sleek design, the slimline corrugated tank can fit tight spaces at home. With their products, Rapid Plas allows all homes to reap the benefits of harvesting rainwater.

Households can reduce their water bills by using rainwater for gardening, laundry, toilet flush and other non-potable uses. Collected rainwater can also be stored as an emergency water supply during drought and other restrictions.

Rapid Plas also offers assistance in installing an active rainwater catchment system. As well as dust covers and overflow kits, Rapid Plas have water treatment components for converting rainwater into potable water, such as strainers and tank filters.

Environment-Friendly Rainwater Systems

By investing in rainwater harvesting and storage, households contribute to protecting the environment by utilising run-off that can cause flooding, reducing energy consumption and wasted treatment of water from the national water grid.

Along with their other products, the slimline rainwater tank is made of, food-grade polyethylene resin. Made to withstand Australian climate, the slimline tanks are UV-resistant.

About Rapid Plas

A leading manufacturer and installer of poly products, Rapid Plas extends their services to homes, businesses and the agricultural sector. Apart from rainwater tanks, they also offer livestock feeding products, watering troughs and commercial and industrial tank storage. The company has been in the industry since 1990, supporting local businesses through their dealer network. All of Rapid Plas’ products meet Australian and New Zealand standards.

To learn more about the company and their comprehensive range of products, visit https://rapidplas.com.au/.

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