Solar Panel technology – What You Can Expect in 2019

The utilization of renewable sources of energy, for example, solar power is expanding and helping people cut down release of harmful gases. In the present fast developing solar industry, there are as of now many distinctive panel models and designs accessible to the shoppers of today’s generation.So, in this regard given below are few solar technologies that we can expect in the year 2019 that will enhance the value of solar energy and will make it more favourable source of energy.

Solar powered roads

The previous year made way for the testing of an exciting PV technology in the form of solar powered roads. The technology was aimed at creating clean energy, and the test was conducted to enable LED bulbs function during the night. Additionally, technology would have the thermal heating capacity to melt the snow during the time of the winter. So, in 2019 the solar powered roads may become a reality and solar companies Brisbane may also look to tap on this technology to attract customers towards becoming more solar friendly.

Advances in solar panel productivity

The previous couple of years in the solar industry have been a race to the best as far as solar cell productivity was concerned, and 2019 is not going to be any different. A number of accomplishments by different panel makers have brought us to the present record of 23.5 percent, solar panel efficiency offered by panels providers like CSUN Australia.

The solar cell types utilized in the standard markets could likewise go through significant improvements in per watt cost – a metric that determines and compares the relative solar panels. Experts researchers of solar panel technology have come up with Perovskite solar cells which have seen some significant breakthrough in the previous two years.The utilization of Perovskite solar cells would mean that solar panel that can produce 20+ percent efficiency while still offering the benefit of most cost-effective alternatives available.

Double sided solar panels

Previously known as bi-facial solar panels, double sided PV is an exciting product in the field of solar and will continue to remain so for homeowners in 2019. These solar panels made available by some of the popular solar companies Brisbane offer the value as per their name. The bi-facial solar panels can harness sunlight through both the surfaces of the panel.This means they can store and convert sunlight into electricity at a faster pace and enabling home owners generate more energy for domestic use and save on energy bills.

Clear solar panels

Glass solar panels is being regarded as an important innovation in numerous ways due to the fact they are more alluring, glass panels are sturdier than a typical silicon cell panel.These panels are known to be altogether increasingly resistant to fire hazard and are less susceptible to erosion. Despite the fact that glass panels are mostly integrated into a building window or skylight they are in the real sense not “building incorporated photovoltaics” as they are affixed to the building rather than integrating into the building envelope.

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