Tej Gyan Foundation Celebrates Sale Of 50 Lakh Copies Of “VICHAR NIYAM KRANTI”

Tejgyan Global Foundation (TGF), the spiritual organization with the objective of creating a “highly evolved society” through the motto “Happy Thoughts”, has completed the sale of 50 lakh copies of the book series-“VICHAR NIYAM KRANTI”.

The “VICHAR NIYAM KRANTI” titled in English the Thought Revolutionbringing forth ‘The Power of happy thoughts through its series consisting of 8 small books namely “100% Life”, “Freedom From Failure”, Thought Revolution, Wisdom of Meditation, “7 Spiritual Principles”, “100 % Health” and “7 Steps Of Transformation”. Tej Gyan Foundation is now determined to escalate the circulation of this series to 1 Crore.

Dr. AK Merchant, Educationist & Administrator at Bahai House, lauded the effort by TGF to reach such a significant number and reiterated the significance of Value Education. Despite Formulation of many committees since Independence and UN Goals 2030 mandates, to Universalize Education, the possibility of it seems inconceivable. Spiritual Organisations can work upon incorporating this dimension into their discourse” elaborated Mr. Merchant. He also appreciated the TGF practice of collective World peace Prayer and appealed others to join.

The Thought Rule propagated by Tejgyan Foundation –‘Focus your thoughts, on what you want and not on what you don’t want for a happier life. Remove negativity from your thoughts, for right actions to follow. The next book launched in the series- VICHAR NIYAM KE ADHAR – “UMMEED AUR VISHVAS” besides others, is targeted to influence Farmers to cope with their distress and combat suicide rates, particularly in Maharashtra. It also aspires to provide patients a new hope of healthy life.

Driven by this higher vision, Tej Gyan foundation has embarked on this mission of spreading awareness about these laws of thoughts to the masses across all sections of society.

As collective thoughts of people get right positive direction, they will get happiness, health, peace, wealth and success in their lives, thereby creating a better society.TGF, through its 324 centers in Maharashtra, 11 centers in Delhi and over 98 centers scattered across the rest of India, has 15K Plus volunteers educating people on transforming their thought process.

Mr. Sunil Kumar, Expert on Value Education from RK Mission Delhi, appreciated TGF’s concept of binding religions by a thread of understanding and said this is the need of the day. “Earlier Religion served the purpose of disseminating spiritual knowledge, but today they have become highly divisive forces. It is pertinent that the ‘Idea of Happy Thoughts’ gets embedded in the policies, so that it reaches down to educational institutions.” said Mr. Kumar.

“Angry thoughts trigger release of certain hormones that affects the contraction of arteries of the heart and brain. Therefore, it is vital for a person’s overall health to stay happy” added Dr. Surendra Nath Khanna, a Cardiac Surgeon at Fortis Heart Institute present at the discussion.

Mr.Vijay Risbud, Architect & Town Planner Dr. Prof. Neelima Risbud, initiated the discussion on the idea of adoption of ‘Vichar Niyam’ (Rule of Happy Thoughts) by people from all walks of life. Mr Anup Wadhva an engineer and management consultant in automation industry highlighted that transformation of critical mass of people is required to tilt the balance towards positivity in the society and TGF efforts are aiming towards the same.

The importance of reconstructing the thoughts of Children & Family and the challenge of reaching out to all schools was reiterated by Dr. Seema Pawar from Foundation for Restoration of National Values.

“TGF aspires to motivate people on streets, corporate offices, educational institutions etc., towards removing negativity from their thoughts. Everyone aspires to attain love, joy, peace, abundance, higher wisdom and success therefore it is essential to make everyone aware of the law of thoughts and TGF is working towards this goal.” explained Dr. Prof. Risbud.

Tejgyan books are available at the World book Fair 2017 from 7th January 2017 to 15th January 2017. While the Hindi Books are available – Hall No. 12, Stall No. 22, English Books – at Hall no. 11, Stall no 408 & 409

About Tej Gyan Foundation
Tej Gyan Foundation (TGF) Established in 1991 is a Charitable Trust founded by Sirshree Tejparkhiji. TGF is a complete system for wisdom from self help to self realization. Tejgyan means ‘Bright Truth’ that is beyond ignorance and Knowledge and is the source of all wisdom in the world. Integrating the three quests, Personal, Organization & Family Quest – Tej Gyan strives to ” create a highly evolved society by spreading Happy Thoughts to the world through transformation of physical, mental, social, financial and spiritual areas of life. The foundation also holds educational programs through its Corporate, Educational and Spiritual divisions. It has 15000+ volunteers that include People from diverse backgrounds such as IT Professionals, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, and Housewives etc.

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