Timberfix Provides Weather-Resistant Concrete Joint Sealants with the Sikaflex®-PRO

To ensure moisture protection during the curing process, the Sikaflex®-PRO from Timberfix cures with environmental humidity. Its i-Cure technology presents excellent weather and chemical resistance.

[LITHGOW, 30/4/2018] Timberfix, a trusted supplier of construction products in Australia, offers the Sikaflex®-PRO. It is a concrete joint sealant developed with an i-Cure technology that features excellent moisture and weather resistance.

Versatile Concrete Joint Sealant with High Chemical Resistance
The Sikaflex®-PRO is made of a thixotropic, polyurethane base that is ideal for concrete expansion joints in both above and underground structures. According to the Sika brand, the product has a proven track record and is widely used in many applications including food establishments, stadiums, parking floors, wastewater treatment plants and corporate offices.
When applied to concrete joints, the Sikaflex®-PRO presents a self-levelling feature that evens concrete joints. Unlike regular polyurethane sealants, the product presents high chemical resistance and does not swell when exposed to fuel and other substances.

i-Cure Technology Works with the Weather
The Sikaflex®-PRO sealant settles into concrete with an i-Cure technology that provides moisture- and weather-resistant properties. This feature enables the sealant to work with the weather rather than against it, as is the case with regular sealants.

Exposure to humidity disrupts the reaction mechanism and forms bubbles on the surface. While all sealants have linkers that naturally react to humidity, the Sikaflex®-PRO sealant cures with environmental humidity and resists damage from moisture and other weather conditions.

About Timberfix
As a family business owned by third-generation builders, Timberfix prides itself on providing solutions for any construction requirement. Apart from concrete sealants, the company specialises in top-tier stainless steel fasteners and supplies to clients all over Australia. The company has built a reputation for its punctual and reliable delivery service. With an in-house delivery team, Timberfix ensures the products are handled carefully and arrive in top condition.

To learn more about the company and its comprehensive range of products, visit http://www.timberfix.com.au.

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