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1) Kicking the fat

In this exercise the most focus would get on the inner thigh fats. Sit on the ground in an exceedingly straight position and bend your left knee. remove your right leg and build it straight. Keep holding the leg in air for regarding 6-7 seconds and so switch the legs. Do the identical procedure once more. ensure that your foot is a minimum of 6-7 in. higher than from the bottom each time you repeat it.

2) Ballet thigh

In this you have got to require a support of a chair’s back or a railing and stand with each of your feet facing forward. Now, move your left foot backwards. ensure you are doing that in such the simplest way that solely your toe touches the ground. currently elevate the left foot slowly and keep it up holding it within the air for regarding 5 seconds whereas ensuring that it’s a minimum of twelve inches higher than the bottom. Repeat the identical method with the proper foot similarly. you’ll do up to twenty repetitions of this exercise at a time.

3) Thigh raise

Lie on the ground together with your front touching the bottom. you’ll take the support of ground by crossing your hands and lifting your face a touch. currently slowly elevate your thighs. keep it up lifting them till they’re higher than the extent of your knees. Hold this position for 5 seconds and so slowly once more bring your knees to the bottom. Rest for few seconds and repeat.



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