Z-market.me marketplace – Why the Online Marketplace Is Perfect for Women in Business

Marketing is all about your story. So, start developing your own personal brand by crafting and sharing your story. Your “signature story” could be the story of why you started your business, the story of a pivotal moment or monumental shift in your life’s trajectory, or your description of some other major event that is relevant to what you are offering to prospective clients and customers. When people hear about your vulnerabilities and your failures in combination with your current-day success, they’ll be inspired to work with you.
But women are making progress, and, for those of us who are up for it, we can definitely fight the “Lean In” fight. Because the online landscape isn’t traditional, it has fewer barriers, and it provides a completely new way to break through, serve lots of people and make a major difference while building a purpose-driven company.

Because of this, I see the online marketplace as a “female frontier” — one that I encourage more women to join. Here are three tips to help women entrepreneurs take advantage of the online marketplace:
But with this power comes great responsibility (as Spider-Man’s uncle Ben wisely noted). So, carefully consider your goals and the type of difference you want to make before building a platform. Stay rooted in your core values because what you do online will shape your legacy. Once you understand the impact you want to make, you can use social tools to break into the business world to make a big and direct impact on the people who need you.

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